Ashley Rey
Updated January 15, 2017
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Skincare gurus are now pouring sake into their baths, and we want in. According to Allure, pouring two 75-milliliter bottles of the drink into a hot tub of water will do a lot more for your skin than a shower beer. The fermented drink is used in Japanese spas as a way to brighten the skin and lighten dark spots!

The spa trend recently swept across New York City and is now making its way across the county. And if you’re still a skeptic, Los Angeles-based dermatologist Jason Emer’s testimony just may bring you to the light. Emer told Allure:

Some American spas have taken a nod from Japan and started using sake in skincare treatments.

Any sake will do, but in case you’re looking for something more “bath official,” Sephora has one in store. Their Fresh Rice Sake Bath was inspired by a geisha bathing ritual and includes an infusion of exotic fruit and sake. However, we wouldn’t recommend sipping it since it’s made specifically for baths.

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You can grab a 400 mL of this goodness for $82, here!

We can’t help but obsess over what skincare trend will come next.