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We all try to be good about keeping our makeup brushes clean, but let’s not lie, sometimes we get lazy. (Read: most of the time we get lazy.) Even the most responsible fashionista is occasionally guilty of conveniently ‘forgetting’ to clean an eyeshadow brush or two. And don’t even get us started on our beauty blenders!

However, we’ve officially all learned our lesson, thanks to Australian model Anthea Page.

Page took to Instagram to write an open letter to the makeup artists on a fashion shoot that she just finished working on. And while she is totally kind and professional toward the artist’s and didn’t call them out by name, she also doesn’t pull any punches. And for good reason!

Despite her concern and warnings to the makeup artists on set about the cleanliness of their tools, she contracted a staff infection! Yikes!

In the open letter Page states:

Dirty makeup brushes might not seem like that big of a deal, but as Anthea Page can testify, they can actually be dangerous!

In fact, according to this Good Housekeeping article, there are several dangers to not cleaning them frequently and carefully, including skin irritation, breakouts, contracting pink eye, and even dangerous staph infections.

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Luckily according to Page’s Instagram post, she is currently on antibiotics and on the mend. We are so glad that she took an opportunity during such a crazy health scare to educate her fans and the public on makeup safety.

So in honor of Anthea Page, please! Remember to clean makeup brushes, and if you are doing someone else’s makeup or having your makeup done, make sure you’re not sharing makeup brushes and that everything is done with the most hygienic practices possible!