Sometimes sunscreen is literally the last thing on our minds when we step out of the house. Because half the time we’re in a rush and we’re lucky if we even remembered to brush our teeth (because, adulting is hard, guys).

But Hugh Jackman was treated for skin cancer for the fifth time, and he’s here to remind us to look after our skin.

His diagnosis unfolded in 2013 when his wife noticed a weird spot on his nose and convinced him to get it checked out. It turned out to be a common form of cancer called basal cell carcinoma that usually isn’t fatal — but cancer, nonetheless. And everyone knows (or should know!) that if you leave skin cancer untreated, it can definitely get very serious.

In the last four years Jackman has been diligent with his doctor check-ups, which is just as well because he’s had recurring episodes of skin cancer. On his face.

The magic words: WEAR SUNSCREEN! Even if it’s cloudy or foggy outside, the sun can still penetrate through and damage our skin.

We’re happy to report that Wolverine Jackman is okay, and we’re glad that he’s been using this scary incident to remind us of such an important thing.

SUNSCREEN! It doesn’t have to be a chore.

via giphySeriously though, if you do notice any unusually shaped or funny colored spots on your body, it’s better to be safe than sorry and get it checked out by a dermatologist. Sure it might be nothing, but it might be something, and in both cases you’ll be glad that you got professional advice.

Thanks for looking out for us, Hugh!