Credit: VMAGIC

Apparently, there’s a new lipstick on the market…but it’s not for the lips on your face! Yep, there’s a lipstick for your vagina.

This isn’t that creepy “lipstick” glue (*cough* invented by a man *cough*) that’s supposed to keep your lips sealed during your period to keep menstrual blood from leaking out. The VMAGIC Feminine Lips Stick is a tube of nourishing moisturizer for your lovely labia.

Okay, so it’s more like a lips balm. Created by Medicine Mama’s Apothecary, the product is safe to use and formulated with a variety of organic oils and honey. That means it’s edible! (Wink, wink.)

It’s pocket-sized, for the vagina-owner on the go.

Credit: VMAGIC

VMAGIC helps with chapped skin in the vulvar region. Hey, it happens. Hormones, pregnancy, waxing, shaving, menopause, and duh, lots of sexxxin’, can contribute to dry or inflamed skin in that area.

VMAGIC Feminine Lips Stick, $17.99

Credit: VMAGIC

In case you were wondering, the product isn’t pigmented. So there’s no Ruby Woo to celebrate Aunt Flo’s visit, or metallics to tell your lover that your priceless puss is solid gold or platinum, if you’re Corrine from The Bachelor. If you’re looking to give your hoo-hah a unicorn glow, you won’t find it here.

Apparently, Khloé Kardashian is a huge fan of the brand’s cream! The star protected the precious contents of her Good American jeans with the gynecologist recommended product. She told fans via her app:

Hey, if it’s good enough for a Kardashian’s Kookie, it’s good enough for our non-famous vagines. Plus it sounds kinda fun and a lot less bizarre than the Vajazzle, right?

Buy the VMAGIC Feminine Lips Stick on VMAGIC’s site for $17.99.