Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Sep 07, 2017 @ 10:39 am

Everything that is old is one day new again, and that applies from everything from fashion to beauty and our old TV faves. Beauty collaborations with nostalgic childhood shows are cropping up everywhere these days, and we’re extra amped that GlamGlow’s GRAVITYMUD Power Rangers masks are finally available. These green and gold peel-off masks are sure to be a selfie goldmine, to say nothing of the power of GlamGlow’s most popular face mask formula.

GRAVITYMUD is GlamGlow’s Instant Tightening & Firming Treatment that helps the face, neck, and chest look tighter and more lifted. It’s become a cult-fave because of its powerful ingredients and delightful shiny appearance. Anytime there’s a new iteration of the GRAVITYMUD mask, we have to try it.

GlamGlow’s limited-edition GRAVITYMUD Power Rangers masks are now available for $34, each.

Credit: GlamGlow

The mask is available in two collectible colors: Power Rangers Green and Power Rangers Gold.

The masks are named after two iconic Power Rangers villains, Rita Repulsa and Goldar. These evil galactic villains may have wanted to destroy the universe, but their beauty game was always on point.

Both innovative formulas turn metallic green and gold as they dry while mega-targeted ingredients give your skin a more defined, contour look.

Credit: GlamGlow

The GlamGlow GRAVITYMUD Power Rangers mask peel off to reveal radiant skin.

Credit: GlamGlow

They’re the perfect treatment before you put on your makeup for a night on the town.

Head on over to GlamGlow and pick up these beauties for yourself. What do you think — are you more Rita Repulsa or Goldar? We’ll admit to being Rita Repulsa fans, girl knows her glamour!