Amanda Grace
January 04, 2017 5:12 pm
Dr. Dennis Gross /

We have a weird confession: We watched the neon game shows, trivia, and obstacle courses of the ’90s and we were secretly wishing for a chance to get to the end, to the bucket of slime. While we don’t quite wish that on ourselves now (blowouts are expensive), the rubber face mask trend is totally giving us nostalgic vibes that is reminiscent of the game show goo. Rubber (or molding) face masks literally mold to your face and are pliable and bouncy like rubber, hence the name.

They work better than sheet masks, which tend to dry out pretty quickly. The masks are popular worldwide, but we all know every top notch mask is coming to us from Korea. Their spa treatments are some of the best in the world.

Dermatologist Dennis Gross, MD, debuted his own molding mask that targets the deep layers of the skin to bring out a radiant new glow to your face. According to Refinery 29, Dr. Gross explains:

Dr. Dennis Gross aims at internal hydration of the skin!

We love how the powder is mixed with the cooling gel. Total science project on your face!

Dr. Gross also comments that he feels molding masks make any other mask obsolete!

That’s a pretty heavy claim from the expert!

If you want to see the face mask in action, check out our FB Live!

Are you intrigued? We might be adding this to our cart as we speak.