Ashley Rey
Updated Apr 08, 2017 @ 9:52 am
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The Face Shop
Credit: The Face Shop

Korean beauty enthusiasts, get ready to completely lose your minds with this new Face Shop collaboration. The brand just found a way to mix our childhood obsessions with beauty, and we’re not talking about playing dress up. The Face Shop x Disney sheet mask collection will keep your feet glass slipper ready, and your hair as thriving as Rapunzel’s.

Oh, and we can’t forget about keeping our faces looking as refreshed as Sleeping Beauty’s. The Face Shop is giving us all of that, including the secrets to Mickey’s never-aging appearance. It’s now actually possible for us to recreate our fave Disney princess’ glow, and we have the Face Shop to thank.

The Face Shop x Disney sheet mask collaboration is all that and then some.

As with most Korean beauty products, we won’t be able to pick up these awesome sheets in the U.S. But, that’s where the internet comes to our rescue. Amazon carries all of the treatments, and for affordable prices.

Get smooth feet with Cinderella’s Glass Shoes Foot Mask.

Credit: The Face Shop

Buy it for only $8.99, here.

And keep your locks thick and luscious with Rapunzel’s Hair Mask.

Credit: The Face Shop

Buy a 2-pack for only $14.50, here.

Mickey’s anti-aging secrets can be found in this moisturizing mask.

Credit: The Face Shop

Grab a packet for only $7.99, here.

Keep your skin refreshed with Sleeping Beauty’s Sheet Mask.

Credit: The Face Shop

Buy a 2-pack for only $7.99, here.

And replicate Ariel’s underwater glow with this Sheet Mask pack.

Credit: The Face Shop

Buy a 2-pack for only $7.99, here.

As if we needed any more motivation to treat ourselves. We don’t know about you, but embracing our inner Disney princess while doing a mini spa treatment in the privacy of our own homes sounds like the perfect way to spend our weekend.

The bars and movie theaters will have to do without us for the next few weeks, because we have so many masks to get through. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.