Christina Pellegrini
April 08, 2017 11:52 am

If there’s two things we love, it’s emojis and face masks. So when we found out that the two had been combined into one convenient package, we got pretty excited. Skincare that makes us look like our favorite yellow-faced smileys? Sign us up for these emoji face masks.

Taiwan-based Petite Amie skincare line has introduced a line of emoji masks, and we cannot wait to get these on our faces.

There are six varieties of the face masks, each with a different emoji. The emojis match up with a specific treatment, so you can really find the right sheet mask for you. Cool, huh?

Check out the six emoji masks, and find out how each one is good for your skin.

Petite Amie Skincare

1Petite Amie Love Masque, $10

Thanks to the organic rose hydroactive cellular renovator, you’ll have heart eyes IRL for this mood-lifting, rejuvenating mask.

Petite Amie Skincare

2Petite Amie Scream Masque, $12

See how this little guy looks like he’s pulling his skin back? That’s basically what this mask does for you. It’s got super lifting powers!

Petite Amie Skincare

3Petite Amie Blush Masque, $10

This calming treatment is meant to soothe and moisturize sensitive skin. Ahh.

Petite Amie Skincare

4Petite Amie Cooling Masque, $10

This post-sun mask calms the skin, effectively reducing redness and spotting. (Pop it in the fridge for an extra-cooling feeling.)

Petite Amie Skincare

5Petite Amie Happy Masque, $10

Happy skin comes courtesy of a dose of extra-plumping hyaluronic acid.

Petite Amie Skincare

6Petite Amie Chillin’ Masque, $10

Got moisture? If not, try this cool, hydrating treatment filled with nourishing botanicals.

Now you can wear your favorite emoji, and have it make your skin look better, too!