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In the grand scheme of the beauty world, Drunk Elephant has been around for a relatively short amount of time, during which they’ve made their mark with their non-toxic, safe, and highly effective products. Their latest, BabyFacial, is sure to put them on the map as a major player in the beauty industry. Available today on Sephora to VIB Rouge customers, the BabyFacial is an at-home mask that is comparable to a facial you’d get with an esthetician but in the comfort of your own home!

This mask is a completely innovative way to get results you’d usually get in an office for a fraction of the cost. It contains those magic ingredients that get your skin looking and feeling smooth and healthy, like 25% glycolic acid, 2% salicylic acid and a dream combo of Tartaric, Lactic, and Citric acids that resurfaces your skin and leave it baby soft.

Credit: Drunk Elephant

BabyFacial also combines powerful antioxidants like matacha tea, apple fruit, and milk thistle to calm, soothe, protect, and replenish the skin. It also includes Niacinamide, a key anti-aging ingredient that helps improve skin’s elasticity, enhance barrier function, erase dark spots, and help your skin get its youthful glow back.

BabyFacial is great for all skin types, and will smooth your skin’s texture, unclog pores, minimize blemishes as well as the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Sounds pretty amazing to us! We have a feeling this is going to jump to cult status FAST.

We love how transparent Drunk Elephant is with all their products, BabyFacial being no exception. They trust that their consumers are smart, informed customers who know what they want in their skincare and expect to get the truth from the brands that they purchase. You can rest assured that as with all Drunk Elephant products, there are no animal products, parabens, fragrances, coal tar dyes, phthalates, or SLS’s in BabyFacial. What you see is what you get!

Is this at-home facial up your alley? Looks pretty convenient and effective to us! Drunk Elephant’s BabyFacial is available now at Sephora for VIB Rouge customers for $80.