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In the nearly 30 years that they’ve been around, Dermalogica has established themselves as leaders in skincare, and particularly with exfoliants. Their latest, the Daily Superfoliant, is taking it to the next level by not only giving you that deep exfoliation that we know and love, but tackling anti-aging and pollutants as well!

Most of us are familiar with their Daily Microfoliant and love it because it’s a super effective, fine-grain scrub that leaves your skin glowing, brightened, and feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The Daily Superfoliant is a step up from that already awesome formula. Mathew Divaris, vice president of global marketing at Dermalogica told WWD:

Credit: Dermalogica

Did you know that there’s more pollution in the air during the winter as a result of everyone using their heaters? These free radicals wreak havoc on our skin, not only by causing breakouts and redness, but by degrading the quality of your skin as well, which speeds up aging.

The Daily Superfoliant is powerful enough to catch all these pollutants and suck them out of your skin before they begin their damage, but it’s gentle enough to use every day!

And it’s not just pollution that it catches, but old makeup that has seeped into your pores or sunscreen, so after you use it you truly have a clean slate on which to apply all your nighttime goodies and allow them to reach their full potency.

The proof is in the pudding when you look at the ingredient list: Activated Binchotan Charcoal Powder, Rice Bran, Lactic Acid, and Niacinamide, among others. They combine to absorb pollutants, preserve skin’s youthful structure, and resurface the skin so it’s ultra soft and smooth.

It’s super easy to use, which is a huge bonus. You just mix about half a teaspoon of Daily Superfoliant with a bit of water and create a foamy paste by rubbing your hands together. Then you massage it all around your face in a circular motion like you’re at a fancy spa!

Are you intrigued? If you’re a fan of Dermalogica products you’re gonna flip when you try this. It’s a great product chock-full of high-quality ingredients that will make your skin so happy it will want to sing!

The Daily Superfoliant drops January 3rd and will retail for $58, but you can scoop one up right now during their exclusive early bird release!