Bronwyn Isaac
July 19, 2017 12:13 pm
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While fortune cookies and their sweet, thick papery flavor will always hold a place in our hearts (where else will we read one-liners about our destiny?!), some restaurants have decided to forgo the traditional cookies for a more modern after dinner treat. According to an article from, a Chinese restaurant in Canada is giving out sheet masks as opposed to the more traditional fortune cookies. Wait, what?!

We’re certainly no strangers to the many soothing skin care wonders of sheet masks, even so, this is our first time hearing about a restaurant that has embraced the popularity in such an inventive way. A user on Reddit’s Skincare Addiction board shared that the Montreal-based restaurant Chez Maxim Oriental will hand out sheet masks post-meal, and they’re good ones at that.

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User Bugrug shared their picture on Reddit’s Skincare board, with the caption,

The best part? The masks are actually good! The Reddit user shared,

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For those of us who love Chinese food *and* sheet masks equally, this might warrant a field trip to Montreal.

We’re definitely not the only people in support of this business move, a happy Yelp user wrote:

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Who else is feeling ready for a dinner date in Montreal?!