Credit: Pearl Bath Bombs

The most entertaining holidays sometimes turn out to be the novelty ones we didn’t really know existed. (Does National Pizza Day ring a bell?) Either way, it gives us a good reason to kick back, relax, and celebrate whatever the faux holiday calls for. This certainly applies tenfold to the luxury-themed National Bubble Bath Day, which was basically made up as a fun excuse to treat yourself to a frothy hot bath full of fresh-scented bath bombs. We can only assume that per this restful holiday, it’s mandatory that you also brew yourself some tea or cocoa, flip through a book, and have some quiet time. #Selfcaregoals, amirite?

However, if you’re currently feeling underprepared and distressed because you have no bath-themed accoutrements in your possession, we are here to save you with a luxurious assortment of affordable bath bombs.

Let’s channel this Oprah gif and jump in, shall we?

This Vanilla Chai Ring Bath Bomb from Pearl Bath Bombs, $17

Credit: Pearl Bath Bombs

It includes a ring inside AND it’s topped with cinnamon.

The Oatmeal and Honey Ring Bath Bomb from Pearl Bath Bombs, $15

Credit: Pearl Bath Bombs

This bath bomb features oatmeal and honey, which is particularly soothing for dry and itchy winter skin.

The Morning Rose Ring Bath Bomb from Pearl Bath Bombs, $17

Credit: Pearl Bath Bombs

This bath bomb will make you smell like fresh roses, and enable you to re-enact American Beauty, except with 100% less voyeurism.

The Peach Bellini & Strawberries and Champagne set from Pearl Bath Bombs, $32

Credit: Pearl Bath Bombs

This set includes a scented candle with your bath bomb, so the scent of luxury can linger and flood your home.

The Frozen Bath Bomb from Lush, $9

Credit: Pearl Bath Bombs

With this bath bomb you’ll be relaxing in an island of warm foam.

The Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb from Lush, $7

Credit: Lush

This looks like it could also be a brooch worth hundreds of dollars.

The Sex Bomb bath bomb from Lush, $9

Credit: Lush

If possible, you may want to include a partner in this bath time (insert winking face).

The Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb from Lush, $5

Credit: Lush

This lavender-scented robot figure can also keep you company during bathtime.

The Monster’s Ball bath bomb from Lush, $7

Credit: Lush

This little guy smells like delicious fruity lime, which is ridiculous in a good way.

The Satsuma bath bomb from Lush, $8

Credit: Lush

You can channel a springtime picnic with this juicy little guy.

Do you feel ready to relax yet?

Tony Shalhoub sure is.

Happy National Bubble Bath Day, or whatever holiday you decide it is!