marie in the bubble
Credit: HelloGiggles / Marie Lodi

Usually a facial goes something like this: You walk into a quiet, sterile room and lay down while relaxing, Enya-type music plays in the background. Pretty norm, right? So, when I was invited to experience a facial inside of a bubble, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. It sounded so ~space-age.~ There were three things that first came to my mind: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (starring a very young John Travolta), Bubble Boy (starring a very young Jake Gyllenhaal), and those giant hamster bubbles for humans. Was it going to literally be in a plastic bubble or was this some sort of metaphor?

Well, the Bubble Pure Air Facial takes place in, yes, a bubble filled with air that is 99,995 percent pure. (This already sounded pretty good to someone who works in smoggy downtown LA every day.) The concept was invented in order to assist athletes recover from competitions faster, and to help with allergies, asthma, and better circulation.

Natura Bissé, a skin care brand based in Spain, uses the bubble exclusively for facials.

Since the air is free from allergens and contamination, it allows the products used in the facial to work in their purest form, which in turn enhances how it works with your skin. The bubble gets to travel around the world to different spas and department stores, along with one recent trip to the Oscars red carpet. That’s right, it’s a celebrity bubble.

Credit: HelloGiggles / Marie Lodi

I arrived at the beautiful Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara to meet my new best friend, the bubble.

First thing I had to do? Retox. Before the facial, I thought it would be best to consume alcohol, so it could give the facial even more work to do. (Hello it is me, your friendly beauty editor with helpful tips for your life!)

Credit: HelloGiggles / Marie Lodi

When it was time for my appointment, I robed up, and stepped inside the magic bubble to experience my first-ever PURE air facial.

This was my view as I lay down in the bubble.

Credit: HelloGiggles / Marie Lodi

Aside from the excitement of being inside of a giant bubble, I was also looking forward to trying Natura Bisse’s luxe products. Holly Mosher, Bacara’s Lead Esthetician, first applied the Natura Bisse Diamond White Cleanse to my face. It includes pomegranate extract, and Vitamin E and F. It’s known for its three-phase texture, meaning it cleanses the skin, removes impurities while hydrating, and brightens skin tone.

Next up was the Glycopeel, which contains five AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids): glycolic, malic, tartaric, citric, and lactic. It get rids of dead cells, allowing skin to feel smooth and firm. It also includes a beta-lipoic acid, which goes way deep into the layers of skin to “stimulate the enzymes responsible for the natural exfoliation process.”

Credit: HelloGiggles / Marie Lodi

Then came the Diamond White Serum, a triple-action brightening serum that helps renew, illuminate and depigment skin. I’m LOVING serums right now, so this was especially exciting. Next was the Diamond White Lightening Mask, which is aimed towards restoring the skin’s luminosity, hydration and elasticity, as well as helping prevent hyperpigmentation.

The Diamond Extreme is a really rich moisturizer that includes Artemia Salina extract, a magic-sounding ingredient that creates the energy necessary to stimulate cellular metabolism. Say WHAT now?! A tub of it costs $355, so I can only fantasize about rubbing it over my entire body.

Lastly was the Diamond Extreme Eye, which also contains the Artemia Salina extract, along with Centella asiatica, calendula, horse chestnut, horsetail and licorice, all which help minimize under-eye circles and puffiness.

After about an hour, my facial was complete. As per my usual post-facial experience, I felt incredibly de-stressed, and my face felt soft and FRESH, but I do feel that the pure air made a difference. My skin felt ~newer~, but I also felt more energized and relaxed at the same time. I also noticed that my muscles were way less sore from the workout I did the day before. I’m a bubble pure air believer.

Now, how do I get one of these in my apartment?