Woman lounging in the sun
Credit: Getty Images/Paul Bradbury

Summer vacation means running around and getting brand new bathing suits to enjoy at the beach. But having to deal with peeling skin and chills because you didn’t put on enough sunscreen is the worst. Getting a sunburn can ruin a fun beach vacation. You go from running around in the sun with your friends to crying as someone is rubbing aloe on your peeling back. But it’s not just about the short-term annoyance, because what what really happens to your skin during a sunburn is so much worse.

But now there’s a wonderful new bracelet to help you avoid getting a sunburn. Granted, it doesn’t magically shield your body from dangerous UV rays — but it does tell you when you’ve spent too much time in the sun. That’s a pretty amazing thing to have.

The sunburn preventing bracelet is called JUNE.


It’s designed to detect UV rays and let you know when you’ve spent too much time in the sun. It doesn’t stop you from getting burnt if you’re not paying attention, but it does help you to know when you’ve been out there for too long. JUNE is designed to monitor your sun intake. It keeps you on the alert so you know when to seek shade — or when to reapply the sun block.

Sunburns are the worst, so why deal with them when JUNE can tell you when you’re ready to take a shade break? You can buy JUNE at Bloomingdales for $99.99, and while it may be a little on the expensive end, isn’t it worth it? You spend so much to go on vacation and enjoy yourself — why not spend the hundred dollars to ensure that you can actually enjoy your time off instead of sulking inside while your sunburn peels?

Plus, this bracelet is pretty gorgeous. Even without all the fancy tech that connects to your phone and monitors your sun habits, it’s a pretty sweet accessory to keep around.

So go out and enjoy your summer — and don’t sweat the sun. You’ve got something to keep an eye on it for you.