Updated Mar 08, 2017 @ 1:26 pm

If anyone knows the power of cork, it’s Birkenstock. The hippie staple turned cool-girl go-to sandal relies on a cork sole for their unmatched comfort.

Birkenstock is expanding into skin care with a focus on cork oak extract. Even the brand’s packing incorporates cork! Suberin, found in cork oak extract, is known for its anti-aging ability. Other ingredients making cameos in the new line are some of our absolute faves — argan oil and botanical hyaluronic acid to name a few.

The Birkenstock Natural Care line will debut this fall with a 28-piece collection ranging from $17 to $74. Expect a night cream, shower gel, lip balm, and a section for the guys, Natural Man Refresh.

Credit: Birkenstock.com

Birkenstock Natural Care really plans to hit the ground running. Your fave facial cleansers, moisturizer, anti-aging cream, and hair care products are in for some serious competition. There’s an enzymatic peel we have our eyes on and the foot care range of products sound like a summer must-have.

The line is set to release in the US and Asia. You’ll be able to shop Birkenstock Natural Care in Birkenstock stores and on their site, but no word yet on which other retails will carry the line. (Fingers crossed it makes it’s way to Sephora ad Ulta.)

This isn’t the only change coming to Birkenstock. The brand has big plans for 2017 including Birkenstock beds with a supportive layer of cork and shopping collaborations with architects.

::fingers crossed that we’ve said “Birkenstock” enough to bring on the warmer weather:: Check out a preview of the line, here!