The company that brought us the GloPro microneedling device just launched a skin care line

Any time a new skin care line emerges our ears perk up and we are eager to learn all we can. Case in point: Beauty Bioscience launched a new core skin care collection that has us thoroughly intrigued. If the name Beauty Bioscience sounds familiar to you, that’s because they’re the creators of the GloPro microneedling device.

It makes sense that Beauty Bioscience would want to develop a skin care line, the whole point of microneedling is that it makes your skin care products sink deep into the dermis of your skin. The idea that one would pair a GloPro with their new Core Collection is the next logical step for them.

The Beauty Bioscience Core Collection features game-changing products.

Prices range from $35-$150 and feature just about everything you might need to saturate your skin with active ingredients.

If you’re looking to upgrade your skin care, this might be just what your skin needs. According to WWD, there will be a roll out of even more products before the end of the year.

Here’s the Beauty Bioscience Core Collection.

1The Sculptor, $60

The Sculptor
Beauty Bioscience
A skin firming sculpting cream that hydrates and softens while improving skin’s elasticity.

2The Perfector, $75

The Perfector
Beauty Bioscience
This multi-tasker perfects, protects, primes, and preps skin. It gives you a filter-finish, shields skin with SPF 30, creates a no-pore, primed canvas, and provides hydration.

3The Balance, $35

The Balance
Beauty Bioscience
A cleanser that restores your skin’s natural pH, gently cleanses skin and keeps it hydrated, and soft while being strong enough to remove makeup.

4R45 The Reversal, $150

The Reversal
Beauty Bioscience
Considered the hero of the Core Collection, is this the game-changer that skin care fanatics have been waiting for? This three-phase treatment gives your skin access to high concentrations of active ingredients at a clinical level. These serums tout the ability to give maximum, visible change.

5The Nightly, $95

The Nightly
Beauty Bioscience
This moduline peptide filling sphere stimulates collagen while you sleep, plumping it up and reducing sings of aging.

6The Ultimate, $75

The Ultimate
Beauty Bioscience
A hydrating, hypervitamin cream that dramatically boosts skin’s antioxidant levels and restores skin’s youthful bounce and glow.

7The Daily, $75

The Daily
Beauty Bioscience
This intensive, vitamin-infused serum shields against free-radical damage, evens skin tone, and locks in those active ingredients.

8The Plump, $85

The Plump
Beauty Bioscience
A volumizing repair cream that provides supple hydration and can be used alone or with the rest of the collection.

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