milk bath
Credit: averie woodard/Unsplash

Apparently, an old-fashioned bubble bath is no longer suitable for us humans because there’s a line of bath powders that turn your water into soup, Delish reports. Although soups and stews are the perfect comfort foods, do you really want to submerge your naked bod in a tub full of chicken noodle soup-scented water? Honestly, it doesn’t sound as luxurious and fancy as bathing in red wine, but let’s not diss it until we get the deets.

So, Japanese shop Village Vanguard is responsible for turning everyone’s baths into soupy water, thanks to their line of broth-scented powders that includes beef, curry, Korean hot pot, miso, ramenand stir-fried noodles. If you want to bathe in ramen noodles without the actual presence of carbs, then these bath powders may provide the best way to have your soup and bathe in it too.

Here’s the packaging:

Plus a pic of a guy making a soup-smelling bath look really tempting:

For $3.14, you *could* make your soup-soaking dreams come true, but unfortunately the bath powders appear to be sold out at the moment. Hopefully they’ll restock soon (for those who are interested), but in the meantime, do yourself a favor and check out Village Vanguard’s Instagram page for some pretty crazy products that make this bath soup powder look like the blandest of bath bombs.