S. Nicole Lane
Updated Apr 17, 2017 @ 11:04 am
Credit: Instagram/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BSiOhTolFBI/?taken-by=aftertanco

Many of us have been there — the orange remnants of a self-tanner staining shoes, clothes, hands, and literally everything we touch. Luckily, one company has figured out a way to save us from self-tanner stains.

Self-tanner stains can leave you feeling exposed. As the orange outline of your face stains your pillow case, you have to think to yourself, “Should I just lay out in the sun?” Clearly, the answer is a resounding “No!” A tan isn’t worth sunburn and skin cancer.

Luckily, you can now self-tan without worries.

The Australian company After Tan Co. strives to make fake tan application a “little bit easier” with self-tanner resisting fabrics.

Founder Sarah Balmer comes from a “long line of fake tan enthusiasts,” so she knows how to solve fake tan problems. Moreover, most of these dilemmas have to do with ruining clothing, bras, or not being able to wear anything breathable.

As a result, the company produces bamboo fabric clothing and bedding to use after self-tanning.

Of course, fake tans take time to develop after application. Salons usually recommend that individuals wear dark and loose clothing to prevent smearing. After Tan Co. has designed a Bamboo Maxi Dress ($50) that is black and has built-in padding for coverage (so no bra is necessary). The thick straps on the dress prevent handbag and seatbelt imprints. In conclusion, it’s cute, simple, and comes in a portable bag for you to carry into the salon.

What about bedding? For instance, the Bamboo Sheet Protector ($55) isn’t just a sheet that covers your entire bed, it’s more of a sleeping bag. Made up of soft, antibacterial, bamboo cotton fabric, the sheet protector saves your bedding from staining. However, the sheet protector does not protect your pillow case, but fear not, After Tan Co. has a Pillow Protector ($30) does the job.

In particular, the After Tan Co. products serve as an investment for the permanence and long-lasting color of your tan. By purchasing these items, you’re effectively keeping your tan in place.

Perfect for people who self-tan often, After Tan Co. is saving the day, and our bed sheets.