Natalia Lusinski
Updated Feb 14, 2017 @ 5:44 pm
Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

ICYMI, we not only love Ashley Benson for her role on Pretty Little Liars, but also for being so open about everyday issues, like acne, IRL. We just discovered that Ashley Benson’s zit-fighting is super easy, according to Allure, and 100 percent FREE to recreate. After all, do any of us have perfect skin all the time? Doubtful, right?!

As we said, Benson often speaks openly about her skin issues.

She uses Differin for acne and is also the brand’s new face, so to speak.

Yep, we agree.

True that, right?! Whether we’ve always had breakouts or tend to get them when we’re stressed, they’re ~never~ fun. But — ding ding ding! — aside from Benson being a fan of Differin, she has a simple solution that we can all use — that’s also FREE.

Okay, did we mention that we love her — especially for her openness?! Brb, as we go heat up a towel…