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By now, we’ve all accepted that Amber Rose is simply a beauty beyond the average human. Like, seriously. No matter how she changes her look (and she does definitely enjoy experimenting with new looks!), Rose looks FLAWLESS. One of her most notable features is her *perfect* skin. No, seriously, we’ve never, ever noticed a single pimple. Ever. While nothing is wrong with having acne, obviously, we were so curious about how she keeps her skin so happy. And we just found out that her secret is masturbation.

Yep, that’s right. Amber Rose’s secret to perfect skin is masturbating.

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And masturbating, like, all the time.

In a recent interview with Glamour, the stunner explained,

We’re seriously giggling over here, and also eyeing our vibrator(s???). Like, seriously, no shame in her game, and no shame in ours, either. Who knew that the secret to better skin involved loads and loads of orgasms?! TBH, that sounds way more fun than spending all of our money on fancy serums and new masks, though we don’t think we’ll give those up, either.

Masturbating in a face mask? We can’t lie: we’d try it.

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Leave it to the queen of sex-positivity to totally rock our skincare-obsessed worlds.