Credit: Honest Beauty / The Ordinary / Ling Skincare

As we begin to enter the season of cooler weather, ’tis also the season of dry, cracked skin thanks to the cold. Yep, unfortunately amidst the perfect cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes (we have zero shame!) we’re also dealing with a ~fun~ new skincare issue. So how do we get rid of dry skin? The answer is simple: moisture. But not in the way you’d expect.

These ah-mazing products are perfect for hydrating dry skin with ease. We never would have come up with these dry skin hacks on our own!

1. Blossom Facial Steam by Marble and Milkweed ($17)

Credit: Etsy

If you’ve never steamed your face, you’re missing out! A steam loaded with good-for-skin herbs like this one is a great way to plump and hydrate your skin in a snap.

2. Goat Milk Body Wash by The Dirty Goat ($17)

Credit: The Dirty Goat

If your entire body just sort of goes into panic mode when cold weather arrives, this goat milk body wash will do the trick. Get hydrated and smell oh-so-delicious in the process.

3. Honest Beauty Gel Cleanser ($18)

Credit: Honest Beauty

What we love most about gel cleaners is how they don’t suck away all the moisture from our face and leave us feeling dry. Instead, they hydrate as they work. TG for dry skin hacks for teaching us these huge lessons!

4. The Little Herbal Rose and Carrot Face Cream ($18)

Credit: Etsy

Rose and carrots may sound like a weird combo, but the combination is actually so moisturizing. This thicker cream will also be a perfect go-to all winter long.

5. The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% ($7)

Credit: The Ordinary

This sounds super complicated, but basically this product really helps exfoliate your skin gently and over time. Way better than grinding down your skin with planet killing plastic beads!

6. Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist ($15)

Credit: Pixi

Perfect for hydrating all throughout the day. Just keep one at your desk and one in your bag for on the go!

7. Ling Skincare Jade Roller ($90)

Credit: Ling Skincare

This little guy is a MUST if you have dry skin. Why should you use a jade roller? Because it helps products really penetrate your dry skin, helping get things hydrated. It’s ah-mazing.

Goodbye, dry skin! TBH, we won’t miss you.