Stephanie Hallett
Updated Aug 16, 2016 @ 3:00 pm
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As a woman with bangs, I will admit that I’m guilty of frequently washing only my fringe. The fact is, my bangs look crazy when I wake up in the morning and they need to be tamed before I can present myself to the world. So I stick my head in the sink, shampoo that little shag, blow dry and go. The rest of my hair gets washed…other times.

But according to a new (and depressingly revelatory) report from Cosmo UK , I’m doing myself a disservice by washing only my bangs. Writer Lauren Valenti spoke to Kérastase Paris consulting hairstylist Matt Fugate about selective washing and he had some very matter-of-fact words about the dangers of the practice.

“When you do this, you will lose luster and shine. You will also end up overproducing oil by stripping your scalp.”

No thank you!


Valenti points out that it’s not just fringe-wearing women who wash their hair selectively. Products like Pony Dry keep the ends of your hair water-and shampoo-free while you wash only your greasy roots. Seems like a great idea, but Fugate disagrees.

“You will create breakage and compromise your hair’s elasticity by overworking the finest parts of your hair,” he says.

Duly noted.

Stylists don’t recommend washing your hair every day, as that can increase oil production and cause your locks to become even greasier over time. Instead, try using a deep-cleansing or clarifying shampoo once in a while (every two weeks is a safe bet) to clear out product buildup and sebum. That should help your hair stay cleaner longer!


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