shay mitchell
Credit: Instagram / Shay Mitchell

The much fawned-over Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars has once again wet the cosmetic appetites of her fans when she was spotted applying the much anticipated Pat McGrath lip kit on her Instagram. Fully fluent in the language of being a ham on the go, she posted an Instagram video of herself getting a “roadside lip pit-stop” with the assistance of the internationally-renowned make-up artists Patrick Ta, and Pat McGrath.

The quick lip touch-up only took seconds before Shay blew fans a kiss and rode off into the diamond-encrusted sunset as hundreds of rabid fans googled “Shay Mitchell” and “lip kit” and “Where do I grab a quick million dollars and a body-swapping machine?!”

The shade of deep-crystal wine she’s rocking is essentially the lip color version of a marble piano bar, or a chandelier built out of rubies. It screams “night look” in a way that’s simultaneously classic and new. In keeping with the wishes of the voyeuristic public, Pat McGrath also posted an up close and personal video of Shay modeling the Lust 004 Bloodwine Kit, which gives everyone a better feel for the shimmering kaleidoscopic quality of the kit.

As someone who is personally intimidated by most dramatic lip colors out of the fear that it will end up somewhere on my chin after mindlessly ingesting a bagel or sip of wine, this lip kit is visually beautiful, but terrifying. Even so, from my place of fear I can see the legitimate appeal — especially for people who are as skilled at lip application as Shay, and have the sparkling jewelry to match the lips.

Lust 004 will be available at on August 30th, and on and select Sephora stores on September 8th.