Emily Baines
September 04, 2016 12:03 pm
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There are so many moving parts to a woman’s beauty regime. We have to keep our skin flawless with the right face wash. We need to make sure we use the correct moisturizer to fight off any wrinkles. We need to have the perfect makeup. And, of course, we are expected to shave our legs. (Those who fight the trend, we salute you.)

Well, according to Refinery 29, we’re shaving wrong: “Should you choose to shave, your legs shouldn’t be bleeding. You shouldn’t be getting rashes. No bit of you should be stinging, and every inch of you should feel smooth.”

Below are the ways to guarantee a smooth shave, according to Refinery 29:

1. Exfoliate the day before you shave

We’ve all battled the horror of an ingrown hair (or six). Ingrown hairs are those tiny hairs that have bent back and are now trapped under our skin. Exfoliating can help take off dead skin cells and free those ingrown hairs. Just be sure to do it the day before you shave so your skin can recover!

2. Shave at the end—not the beginning—of your shower

At the end of your shower, your hairs will be softer and your pores more open, allowing for a closer shave.

3. Use a clean razor

This makes total sense. The dirtier and blunter the razor, the grosser the shave.

4. Use foam or gel

A “foamy barrier”  between your skin and razor will help decrease redness and irritation. Plus, with the use of foam or gels, you can see what areas you’ve already shaved!

5. Be gentle

If you’re using a good razor, you shouldn’t have to press very hard into your skin. Increased pressure means increased chances of nicks and blood!

6. Afterwards, use an alcohol-free lotion

After a close shave in a warm shower, your pores are open and exposed, so wearing something simple is the best way to avoid irritation.

7. Clean and dry your razor

This is one I constantly forget to do! As Refinery 29 explains: “Give your razor a good soak afterwards, and leave it to air-dry — a blade clogged with hairs will mean a poor shave next time. If you have time, get your hands on some isopropyl alcohol, pour a bit into a cup, and leave your razor in it for five minutes to sanitize it.”

8.Enjoy your freshly shorn legs!

Now wear that cute skirt or pair of shorts and enjoy! You got this, girl!