serena williams
Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Serena Williams is a flawless goddess and arguably the greatest athlete in the history of American sports. So it may come as a shock that, like so many of us, she has had to work hard to learn to love and accept her body. But it’s true. Body image struggles are so pervasive that winning 21 (!) Grand Slam titles and appearing on the cover of Vogue doesn’t necessarily make you immune.

During a Q&A with Gayle King after the screening of her new documentary, “Serena” (which we’re DYING to see), Serena discussed her difficult path to self-love. CNN quotes her saying:

As sad as it is to know Serena struggled with this, her honesty is refreshing, and she is an amazing role model for anyone who feels like they don’t fit in. Embrace your differences, love yourself, and go conquer the world, Serena-style.

Check out the preview for “Serena” below, and prepare to be inspired.