Sephora was in the news this week for a not-so-great reason, admittedly, when they upset some VIB Rouge members of their Beauty Insider program by not granting them access to the full VIB Sale period. But as big fans of the store, we’re certain they are listening to the feedback on social media and otherwise, and will continue to remain dedicated to making their clientele happy.

Case in point: The company is going through a bit of a customer-focused revamp by introducing a new store they’re calling the Sephora Beauty TIP Workshop store, where TIP stands for Teach, Inspire, Play.

The idea for the concept store is to make their center a hub for communal beauty workshops and tutorials, with 12 different stations where employees can, as the name suggests, teach, inspire, and play with customers to help them make the most of Sephora products, as well as give them advice on what might work for them. Interactive makeup lessons for the technologically savvy woman who might not know a lot about cosmetics and isn’t sure where to go for guidance (ahem)? WE LOVE IT.

Each tutorial station will be decked out with the latest technology to assist employees and customers in their cosmetic-fueled quests, including iPads, WiFi access, and USB ports to make sure they’re well-equipped to explore concepts like Sephora’s Skincare IQ, Color IQ, and Fragrance IQ.

“When a client comes in and experiences Teach, Inspire, Play, she’s going to experience it on her own, she’s going to experience it through cast members, and she’s going to experience it through technology,” Calvin McDonald, the CEO of Sephora Americas, tells WWD. “And that’s where we really see our differentiator being and how we’re going to continue to innovate.”

And lucky for us, the TIP concept isn’t stopping at cosmetics and skincare. McDonald promises that 2016 will bring hair into the mix, where employees and clients can collaborate at stations similar to the new makeup ones to experiment with different hair products and tools such as hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. He even hints that Sephora could even embrace the idea of full-on hair studios one day.

“Hair is emerging for us as a nice fourth world, and we have a lot of initiatives planned for 2016,” McDonald tells WWD, adding that the flagship TIP store was designed not as stand-alone location, but “as a vision for the majority of our current doors and the new ones we’re bringing.”

The first Sephora Beauty TIP Workshop store opens this Friday, Nov. 20 at the Powell location in San Francisco. And for you east-coasters, you’ll have a shot at visiting the next TIP store, opening in Boston this February. Time to start planning a trip based solely on makeup (that’s an acceptable thing, right?).

(Image via Shutterstock)