Karen Belz
Updated Mar 12, 2014 @ 8:07 am

When I walked into my first Sephora, I was in heaven. Sephora is literally a world of makeup – makeup that you’ve never heard of before, and makeup you can easily convince yourself that you absolutely need. Because you can totally pull off blue glittery eyeshadow, right? They also have specialists who offer in-store consultations, and a few select locations have classes you can take in order to perfect your look.

If you stop at Sephora for all of your beauty needs, here’s what your purchases say about you.

Lip Plumper and Collagen Lip Shine

You swear it works, and love your lips to have that allergic-reaction look to them. I’m not saying it’s a negative – there’s something kind of exhilarating over feeling like your lips might be on fire for a bit.

What It Says About You: By putting these types of products in your cart, you want to show the world that you’re ready to dominate. You want to be the girl most noticed at the bar, and you feel like your lips are probably your best physical asset. Just be careful, since you don’t want to dry them out.


You’ve tried the stuff from the grocery store, and you’re not sold. You’re willing to shell out a few extra bucks for a mascara that’ll really make your eyes pop.

What It Says About You: You’re a professional. Not only have you won the battle of spider-eyes and clumps, but your makeup will never run if you have a spontaneous cry. Chances are, you can tell the difference between brushes, and figure out whether or not an S-shape mascara brush is better than the one with too many bristles. There’s a chance that mascara is your only go-to product, since you want to be fresh, but not overdone.

Eye Shadow – Single

Sephora has every color under the sun, and you prefer to pick up your shades solo. It’s not unlike you to compare two similar shades at a time. The one that’ll make the cut and end up in your cart is probably going to be your daily go-to.

What It Says About You: You know exactly what you want in life. You have one signature look that flatters you, and there’s no need to experiment. Why bother taking the time and spending the money if you risk feeling uncomfortable with the result?

Eye Shadow – Palette Set

There’s something about multiple eye shadows that makes your day. Sure, you might never go for lime green eyes – but might as well have it just in case, right? You know – for Halloween?

What It Says About You: You like having fun and being unpredictable. There’s a good chance you pair up makeup colors with your wardrobe, and don’t judge others if they also like to think outside of the box.

Lip Stain

If you had to choose between lipstick and lip stain, lip stain would always win. Lipstick’s main ingredients are waxes and oils, while lip stain is mostly water or gel, although some products do include natural plant and mineral oil. Plus, lip stain lasts a lot longer.

What It Says About You: You don’t have time to re-apply. Chances are, you’re constantly on the go, and want to be done with your makeup regime right before you head out the door.

Makeup Removers

Congratulations! You actually remember to remove your makeup before heading to bed. This is a rare yet healthy practice, so you should pat yourself on the back. I’m sure your pillowcases are also thrilled that they’re not covered with yesterday’s eyeliner.

What It Says About You: You’re responsible, and fully accept the fact that you’re no longer a college student. Chances are, you also go to bed at a reasonable hour and utilize your gym membership. One day, I hope to be more like you.

Liquid Crystal Nail Polish

Your nail polish addiction might be so out of control that you don’t even bat an eyelash over spending $12.95 per bottle. Especially if they shine.

Sephora’s line of Liquid Crystal (by Formula X) is inspired by stained glass, and you’re on a mission to complete your collection of every shade.

What It Says About You: You love to subtly stand out in the crowd. While you always believe in fresh painted nails, you prefer the DIY technique over going out to get manicures. Pretty soon, you righties will learn how to paint your left hand with little to no incident (or vice versa). Good thing it’s easy to locate your bottle of remover, since you switch up colors regularly enough to have plenty in stock.

Self Tanners

You haven’t seen the sun for awhile (thanks a lot, winter!) but you want people to get the impression that you just came back from a tropical vacation. Pale just doesn’t suit you, but you’ll never be seen in a tanning bed – not just based on the claustrophobia, but due to the risk.

What It Says About You: While you’re choosing the best option, you should lighten up a bit. (That pun was, strangely, unintended.) While tanners that you see at the store are considered non-toxic and noncarcinogenic, the effects of skin darkening only last around 7 to 10 days. Sure, it can boost your self esteem like any product could, but you also risk staining your clothes or being unknowingly spotty. Who has time for that?

If you want the best for your skin while cutting down the time, consider a really good moisturizer. Preferably one with some sun screen.

Hair Styling Tools

You use your hairdryer daily, so might as well get the best of the best, right? Sephora doesn’t have a gigantic selection, but they offer the stuff the professionals use.

What It Says About You: You spare no expense for the important things in life. If you need a new bed, you’ll spring for the one with specific sleep numbers. If you need new shoes, you probably won’t be looking at Payless. While you like to splurge, you do it only when the time is right. You’re buying the best hairdryer because your last one died after ten years of adequate service – and this one will hopefully last longer with better results.


It’s possible that your signature scent comes from Sephora. You’ve probably seen their wall of selections when you walked in, and realized that you might have to sniff a few more of your magazine ad samples at home before choosing which one is perfect for you.

What It Says About You: You’re a romantic. Chances are, you’re willing to spend a lot on a name brand perfume because you use it so sparingly – most likely just a few dabs on the wrist and behind the ear before going out for dinner with your significant other. Your choice was well thought out. You don’t want to smell like your friends, but you also don’t want to smell like you have no friends.

Anything At All On Clearance

Money is tight, but you need something new. You don’t feel half as bad about the situation if you shop online and see what Sephora is in the midst of overhauling. Whether it’s a shadow palette or a cute pocket mirror, you’re just thankful that you can save some cash.

What It Says About You: You don’t normally splurge on yourself, but you’re smart about it when you do. Since you don’t have a wishlist of makeup, you can work with whatever you have. Even if it arrives and it’s not exactly what you expected, you’ll find a way to put it to good use. Part of the fun is the anticipation of getting something in the mail, and the other part comes from figuring out the right occasion for it to make a debut.

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