If you’ve ever tried to combine promo codes on Sephora’s website to get more savings on a single order (why wouldn’t you?!), you’ve likely experienced the frustrating error message that pops up, reminding you that only one code can be used at a time (ugh, why).

Well, that struggle is officially in the past, because starting today, you can combine promo codes to double up on savings. Sephora made the announcement on the Beauty Insider community page, and we’re so here for it! “We are beginning to introduce functionality that will allow certain promotions to be combined,” explained the retail giant.

Obviously, there are restrictions in place and not all codes can be combined, so make sure to read the rules before purchasing, but for example, shoppers will be able to combine Rouge Reward cards (a $100 reward that you can get once you’ve accumulated 2500 points as a Rouge member) with weekly coupons or gifts with purchase.

We have a feeling Sephora shoppers are going to be very happy with this new update.