Briana Hansen
Updated Jun 20, 2016 @ 12:07 pm
selena otra vez
Credit: @revivalperformances/YouTube

There was no doubt that Selena Gomez was already an international superstar with her amazing Revival Tour already making huge waves in the US before it sweeps across the globe the rest of the summer. But in this recently released Pantene ad, she showed us how serious she takes this international star status by whipping out some perfect Spanish as she whips around her gorgeous, shiny hair. And we can’t keep our excitement to ourselves.

Selena absolutely slays in this short ad, which is exciting for fans because Selena has previously been honest about the fact that she only speaks “a little” Spanish. Well, it looks like she brushed up on her bilingual skills! false false false

While the singer admits that it’s certainly not her first language, she sounds pretty spot-on in this ad. It’s so inspiring to see someone take the time to really connect with her audience in such a unique way. Not to mention, she did it while still looking totally fabulous which, as far as we’re concerned, upgrades her from “diva” to “total goddess” levels of awesome.

Entonces, vamos a aprender más español ahora.