We’ve seen our fair share of super adorbs pregnancy announcements. For example, there was the time two expecting couples teamed up to sing a rad parody of Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up And Dance.” Oh, and there was the time a soon-to-be dad broke the news to his mom by sending her on a kitchen scavenger hunt. And we can’t forget about the time a couple crafted a rap to the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to announce their new pregnancy. So TBH, in the realm of pregnancy announcements, we thought we had seen it all. But oh boy, were we wrong.

A recent vid by Youtube vlogging couple and high school sweethearts Sam and Nia has been going totally viral, and for good reason: it’s not only one-of-a-kind, but a serious tearjerker. The video starts off with Sam, hiding in the bathroom, explaining that HE wants to be the one to break the news to his wife that she’s pregnant. Wait, WHAT?

“Last night, at 1:30 AM while I was at work, she randomly texts me and says that she’s two weeks late,” he explains.

Sam further explains that Nia goes to the bathroom a lot at night, and she doesn’t flush the toilet because she’s afraid she’ll wake up their baby (they currently have two children together). So he tested a sample of urine she left in the bathroom. . . only to discover that it was positive. And Sam’s response is ADORABLE. He spends several seconds gasping, wide-eyed, grinning, not even worrying that the camera is blurry because he’s too focused on the realization that he’s going to be the father of a third child. “She’s really pregnant!” he exclaims. And we got pretty misty-eyed.

But that’s not where it ends. After he’s done reveling in the news, he approaches his wife with the pregnancy test. At first, she doesn’t get it, thinking he’s making a joke. . . but when she does, OH MY GOSH.

“No way!” she exclaims. “Are you serious right now?!”

Pure joy. And the reactions of the kids? Yep. Yep. Yep. We’re crying. Of course, the sample was diluted from toilet water, so the couple did another test to be sure, but turns out that Nia is absolutely pregnant!

Watch the whole video below and be prepared for your heart to totally burst. Congratulations, Sam and Nia! We are SO happy for you.