Cut Video has taken us on beauty tours all over the world. We’ve been to Iran, Mexico, the Philippines . . . the list goes on. Well, they’ve just released their latest in the “100 Years of Beauty” series, and it’s pretty incredible. The newest installment takes us to Russia, where model Anya Zaytseva showcases a century of looks that dominated the Moscow scene.

Like all the other 100 Years of Beauty vids, the beauty showcased mirrors the nation’s history through revolutions, and wars, and times of peace.

The video starts in 1910, at the end of the Russian Empire, and segues to the flapper-light fashion of the revolutionary 1920s.

Then it’s the minimalist style of the early Soviet Union and the rumblings of World War II.

There are some global styles echoed in the looks from the 1950’s through to the 1990’s.

Check out the video below! And all hail the people at The Cut. You’re making magic.

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(Images via Youtube)