Devan McGuinness
August 22, 2016 2:20 pm

We all know that it’s good for our skin to wash it every morning and every night before bed, but sometimes all we want to do is crawl under the covers and call it a day. This step is crucial to keeping your skin healthy and breakout free, but sometimes it can feel like just another thing in the way so sometimes we skip it and hope for the best. BAD MOVE.

Giphy / Buena Vista Pictures

All that might change after you see this unbelievably oh-so-pretty new face cleanser that’s capturing the eyes of beauty lovers all over the world.

Ladies and gents, meet Evita Beauty Whip Soap by Kanebo.


Sure, the packaging looks like a regular boring face cleanser, that is until you press the two tabs on the side of the bottle to release the product and you see the magic unfold right before your eyes.

You’re met with the prettiest rose-shaped dollop of cleanser that you’ve ever seen.


Because flowers make everyone’s day better.

The gorgeous shape is achieved thanks to cleaver holes in the bottle, creating the most perfect rose every time.


The product, which at the moment is only available in Japan, is almost too pretty to use, but perhaps it will motivate us to wash the grime off our faces.

Who wants to bet it smells like roses, too?