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Crystals have fully solidified themselves as a major part of the beauty industry within the last couple of years. From crystal facials to crystal-infused beauty products, beauty companies have welcomed things of a more mystical nature, like astrology and crystals, with open arms. The latest brand to come out with crystal-inspired products is none other than your drugstore fave, Revlon. The brand just launched its Crystal Aura line, which according to a release, is “an ethereal collection inspired by the luminosity and shine of crystals.”

The products feature sprinklings of crystals like rose quartz and topaz, and are meant to be mixed and matched for a luminous, glittery, crystal-y finish. From eyeshadow to highlighter to hair glitter, the Revlon Crystal Aura collection is a serious must-have for crystal lovers (and fans of, like, shiny things in general).

Below are our favorite picks from Revlon’s Crystal Aura collection.

Revlon Crystal Aura Lipstick in “Poof”


Please note that the lipstick bullet is shaped like a rose quartz crystal.

Revlon Crystal Aura Glow Gelée


This bouncy, jelly highlighter is available in three stunning shades.

Revlon Crystal Aura Lip Oil in “Deja Vu”


A hydrating lip oil that’s infused with rose quartz? We’ll take it.

Revlon Crystal Aura Putty Powder Eye Beam


The putty texture transforms from sheer to smoky as you apply it.