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Updated May 26, 2016 @ 5:39 pm
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I’m a big Hilary Duff fan. But specifically, I’m a big Hilary Duff makeup fan. Hil Duff’s glam is everything I want to look like.

I’m specifically obsessed with how she wears a smoky eye pretty much always. Even in the daytime, Hilary Duff rocks a casual smoky eye. Or a low-key smoky eye, as I like to call it.

And at night, WOOF, she’s smoked out for DAYYYZZZ. JET BLACK GEL LINER, BABY!

Hilary never does a cat eye, or a slick liquid eye-liner. She has a signature look that vascillates between soft brown smoky eye or dark brown smoky eye and I can’t get enough!

I also love her ultra DEWY skin. So smoky eye + dewey skin + neutral lip = the Hil Duff look I want.

So I set out to recreate her glam, because why not.

First look:

For this look, I enlisted the help of a very informative YouTube tutorial, it wasn’t in English, but I felt like she did a good job explaining how to do the smoky eye that I coveted.

I used the following products:


The result?

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Meh. My makeup looks nothing like her. I can’t get that smoky undereye! That being said, my coworker Anna say, “Omigod, I love your eye makeup.” NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF MY EMPLOYEMENT AT HELLOGIGGLES HAS ANYONE COMMENTED ON MY EYE MAKEUP. SLAYYY. SLAY. SLAY.SLAY. So, at least there was that.

Second look:

At first glance, this seems like she’s not wearing any makeup, but if I’ve learned anything in the four years I’ve been writing about celebrities, it is that they are always wearing makeup. It’s just really good no-makeup makeup.

I used the following products:

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The result?

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I mean, I liked the way it looked on me. I wasn’t Hillary incarnate, but I still thought I looked really nice. That being said, omigod, so much makeup went into creating such a “natural” look! At this point, I started to get frustrated with my poor makeup skills and decided to bring it the big dogs! And by big dogs, I mean, go to get my makeup done by a pro.

Final look:

For this, I went to Blushington, which is this place in West Hollywood, where you can get your makeup done. It’s like going to Sephora or a makeup counter but you can make an appointment and not worry about anyone trying to push products on you in exchange for the makeup application. While I don’t know if Hilary Duff has gone here, the artist that did my face has done Naya Rivera’s lashes, sooooo I was in good hands. 😇

The result?

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I’m starting to realize just HOW smoky Hilary Duff’s eyes are. Her eyes are the smokiest! I also think she just has longer bottom lashes than me. That being said, I loved this look! Look at my skin! I glow like a famous person! I asked the makeup artist Jazmyn why my previous attempts to look like Hilary Duff failed and she educated me on how exactly to get that signature Hilary look.

Here are some tips I learned from Blushington on how to improve my Hil Duff glam:

-When doing a smoky eye, use a creamy under eye concealer rather than a wand that might dry too matte. The creamy under-eye concealers let you smudge the under-eye liner out further from your waterline. You can also use eyeshadow primer UNDER the eye as well. This will help you smoke out your bottom lash line so you don’t get a harsh straight line.

-Use a brown or black pencil eyeliner on the waterline and then line the bottom lashes with both brown AND black powder eyeshadow and use a small eyeshadow brush to apply it.

-This goes for the upper lid as well. Line the lash line with a brown (not black) pencil, then smoke it out with dark brown eyeshadow.

-Although it looks like Hilary is wearing black eyeshadow on her lids, it’s actually all browns, bronzes, and taupes. Don’t use black or gray eyeshadow on your lids if you have fair skin like Hilary.

-To get that ~glow~, use liquid foundations, rather than pressed powder foundations. Also, don’t set your makeup with powder either. If you get super oily, then you can set your t-zone, but Jazmyn didn’t set my liquid foundation at all and I looked fine all day. I have combination skin, so I’m not super oily but I’m not not-oily either.

-I was using super dark contour cream and powder in my first two looks, but Hilary keeps it bronzy. That’s why I looked TOO pale in my first two attempts. Use a matte bronzer in a warm tone on the contour areas. Use a neutral blush on the apples of the cheeks. Then use a shimmery bronze in between the blush and the contour to blend it all together. Yes, that seems like a lot, but that’s how Hilary Duff looks LIKE THIS all the time.

Oh and false eyelashes! Never forget false eyelashes if you want that nighttime Hilary Duff glam! 💁🏼