Sa'iyda Shabazz
April 02, 2017 1:47 pm

Makeup lovers, time to rejoice! Sephora has opened it’s biggest U.S. store, right in New York City. Located on 34th Street in the heart of Herald Square, our favorite makeup store‘s newest location is a whopping 11,380 square feet. It is truly a makeup lover’s paradise. Because of its size, this will be THE go-to for all of your makeup, skincare and fragrance needs. Your regular Sephora will frankly seem basic compared to this makeup mecca. The store boasts over 13,000 individual products! (*Faints*)

Is it our birthday yet? Because this is the perfect place for a grown up birthday party. In addition to the sheer volume of products, the amount of interactive services at the new flagship is out.of.control. One of the coolest is definitely the Moisture Meter, which is able to detect the amount of moisture in your skin, making it easier to purchase skin care products that work for you, and helping employees to make more appropriate makeup recs. This feature is actually going to be rolling out to all Sephora locations this year, so fear not if you can’t make it to NYC.

We were serious about the adult birthday party idea, though. One of the biggest draws to the new store is the Beauty Workshop. “This is the heart of the store,” Sephora pro Karoline Karakeosian told Allure magazine in an interview about the new location.

In the Beauty Workshop, you can take classes (check out the website for a schedule), try on makeup (it’s stocked with makeup remover and applicators), or use one of the tablets to try on makeup and upload your selfie to the Beauty Board.

Seriously, run, don’t walk. And make sure you have your credit card.