Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated September 08, 2017 1:31 pm

As far as beauty brands go, Almay has been around for as long as we can remember — their timeless products and classic aesthetic have made them a mainstay in the realm of makeup and skin care. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t moving forward with the times, as is evident by the fact that they’ve partnered with Rashida Jones to create the position of Almay Insider.

Rashida will star in a series of online videos for the brand and take on the role of brand influencer. We can’t think of a better woman for the job — Rashida is crazy smart, passionate, beautiful, and works hard to create space for women of color in the entertainment and beauty industries.

Courtesy of Almay

By creating the role of Almay Insider for Rashida Jones, Almay hopes to boost sales and reach out to a younger audience.

Rashida helped write most of her digital videos, which is why they’re so hilarious.

Almay recently announced its “Reveal The True You” campaign that encourages self-expression and celebrates individual beauty. In a press release sent to HelloGiggles, Rashida connected to the message of the campaign, saying:

Courtesy of Almay

Rashida Jones couldn’t be a better pick for Almay Insider’s first influencer position.

She’s beloved by all, and her sense of humor and striking yet down-to-earth beauty make her perfectly relatable. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing all her videos.

Check out Almay’s new campaign and pick up some of their goodies, right this way.