Souzan Michael
Updated June 28, 2019
@yosoylabruna, Instagram

As Pride Month comes to a close, we want to encourage you to spend the final weekend of June by stepping outside of your comfort zone and sporting a rainbow makeup look that’s a bit outside of the box. Enter: rainbow freckles. Show your pride and support with this surprisingly easy (as long as you have a steady-ish hand) makeup look that can be as subtle (no, seriously) or as bold as you prefer.

So for Pride Month’s final weekend—and beyond—we challenge you to try out rainbow freckles until the heat no longer allows for it. Meaning, while you can (aka while the humidity doesn’t cause your freckles to melt right off your face), dot on some faux freckles in your favorite color combination and get into the rainbow spirit. Browse some of our favorite rainbow freckles inspo on Instagram below.

Pair the look with neon inner corner shadow to kill two trends with one stone.

You can draw them on as closely clustered or spread out as you’d like.

Cute and kaleidoscopic.

Go for bold.

The look can be surprisingly subtle.

Don’t worry about perfect symmetry. You can even go for different color combos.

Rainbows on rainbows.

A perfect way to amp up your classic red lip and cat eye.