We tried the "Puppy Eye" and "Cat Eye" to see which is cuter

We’ve always been devotees of the classic “cat eye” liner look and have spent years trying to perfect our winged tip. But when we heard about the “puppy eye,” a Korean Beauty eyeliner trend that basically gives you wide, Disney princess eyes, we went through a little bit of an identity crisis. The look is super adorable, maybe even more adorable then the “cat eye.” We had to try it!

Here’s how to achieve the Puppy Eye:

Christina Wolfgram / Hello Giggles

1. Using an eyeliner pencil, create a thick line as close to your lashes as possible.
2. Starting from the center of your lower lashline, trace your lashes to your eye’s outter corner.
3. Connect the upper and lower lines.

So, when it comes to makeup, are you more of a dog person or a cat person? After trying both of these eyeliner looks, we’d have to say that we love both! The “cat eye” and the “puppy eye” both made us feel like, well, party animals.

For more, check out our video, Puppy Eye vs. Cat Eye!

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