peach hair
Credit: Instagram / @bleachlondon

As the summer grinds its wheels to a slow halt, it’s only natural to consider switching out the wardrobe and hairstyle for a new fall look. For those looking to keep up with current Instagram hair trends, it appears that peach is the fall 2016 hair color, and it’s an utterly juicy shade of peach at that. The trending look was first fawned over when Kylie Jenner wore a peach wig to Coachella and proved that soft shades of orange can be flattering with the right skin tone.

With Jenner blazing the way, the internet is now fully aflame with people flexing their trendy fruit-colored locks — this is confirmed by the fact that the Instagram hashtag “#peachhair” brings up over 25,000 images.

As Elle reports, Georgia May Jagger is the latest celeb to go full-on peach princess.

While mastering the desired peach look might involve finding a delicate color balance of orange and pink shades, the hair textures, cuts and lengths it works on are as expansive as an orchard of mouth-watering fruit.

As with many of the previous candy-colored hair trends, it’s difficult to imagine keeping up this look without craving cotton candy or a box of gummy worms every time you spy your mane in the mirror. But then again, whose to say these peach-haired beauties aren’t made hungry by their own hair?

This is a delicate enough color I’d strongly recommend hitting up a professional if you feel inspired to get sunny fall hair. However, if you are looking to mirror this look on a DIY budget, Manic Panic is a go-to for beautifully tinted bright-colored dyes.