sheet mask

Last week, we brought you the sad news that sheet masks, which we’re all totally obsessed with, might actually be kind of gross. We were disappointed to learn that they may not be as hygienic as one would expect. SADFACE.

But now there’s an update on what some popular Korean beauty bloggers are doing about the situation, and rest assured — they’re on it.

Racked reports that a dedicated group of beauty bloggers have set out to find out the truth about what’s going on with the sheet masks we love so much because they moisturize our skin so well.

Considering I sheet mask every day and have a stash of about 200 sheet masks at all times, I felt like I was having a nightmare! Seriously. I’ve gone through all the stages of grief,” Jude Chao of the blog Fifty Shades of Snail told Racked.

“This is something straight out of a K-drama, not real life, for the country that’s supposed to be 10 years ahead of the rest of the world in beauty,’” Chel Cortes, who blogs at Holy Snails, wrote in an email to Racked. “To think that some sheet masks cost more than what some of these people make in an entire day of folding sheet masks is horrifying.”

The group of bloggers decided they didn’t just want to sit around in their grief, because they’re lifesavers, and they set out to investigate which brands of sheet masks we can actually trust to be hygienic and practice ethically.

And they want receipts.

“We expect brands to maintain control and ownership over the products they sell to us and allowing this part of the process to be done in workers’ homes, unsupervised, seems very careless to me. If they’re willing to give up that much control of the product’s manufacturing, I’m not sure I trust them to maintain control over other parts of the process,” Chao said.

Several of the companies have replied to the group’s request for the truth and outlined if they use a factory to produce their beauty masks. They’re still waiting for a lot more to reply.

In the meantime, the beauty sheet mask experts say if we want to be safe, we should jump on the products coming from the Taiwanese mask industry.

These include the brands Naruko, Maskingdom, L’Herboflore, and My Beauty Diary, the last of which can be found at Target.