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Stephanie Hallett
December 21, 2016 2:43 pm

While 2016 doled out disappointment after disappointment, at least one point of good news shone brightly: Celebrity brows were on-point this year, and thanks to Pinterest, we now know which leading ladies’ eyebrows earned top scores with fans.

The site rounded up a list of the top trending celeb brow searches and saves, and though there are many that won’t surprise you (hello, Cara Delevingne) you may find yourself with some unexpected new inspiration.

And now, for your browsing pleasure, here are 10 of the most popular celeb brows on Pinterest.

1Lily Collins


Sophisticated and classic. No wonder she’s so beloved.

2Cara Delevingne


No surprise there, she practically pioneered the modern chunky brow.



Do we detect a touch of Frida Kahlo?

4Emma Watson


Shapely yet natural.

5Demi Lovato


This dark brow really highlights Demi’s gorgeous eyes.

6Selena Gomez


A bit thinner than the popular chunky brows we’ve seen on many women this year, but still a far cry from the razor-thin brows of the early aughts.

7Jenna Louise Coleman


Natural brows for a natural beauty.

8Kylie Jenner


This Cali girl and her “Instagram eyebrows” has us calling up our nearest brow bar for an ASAP appointment!

9Angelina Jolie


We’re living for that arch!

10Kim Kardashian


She’s been out of the spotlight for the latter part of this year but she continues to inspire women everywhere.

Which beauty’s brows are you coveting most?

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