Sundi Rose
Updated Apr 02, 2017 @ 9:37 am
Credit: Babydoll Beauty/YouTube/

Last’s week disturbing story about a salon charging it’s plus-sized clients more money left us all feeling incredibly yuck. That’s why this new plus-size salon, catering to plus-sized women, marks such a welcome shift toward body positivity!

Babydoll Beauty Couture is opening in Las Vegas, specifically for plus-sized women. Entrepreneur Jamie Lopez took matters into her own hands after trying to get her hair and nails done and getting disappointed, over and over.

After facing the problem of too-small seats and unprofessional treatment, Jamie felt discriminated against. As a professional makeup artist, this feeling bled over into her career, and Lopez decided enough was enough.

She decided she would change the plus-size salon game for REAL.

The new salon, opening next month, will have features that make bigger women feel more comfortable about visiting the salon. Some of the most important features include, “pedicure benches that can hold up to 800 pounds and are wide enough for women with up to 85-inch hips to comfortably sit in. There’s also a waxing bench that can support up to 600 pounds.”

Jamie already runs one salon in LA, and man, is it gorgeous:

Going to the salon shouldn’t be a stressful or shameful experience, but this is an unfortunate reality for some women. Thank goodness for entrepreneurs like Jamie Lopez who are finding ways to promote body positivity and creating women-owned businesses.

Plus-sized women make up a majority of the consumer market. However, representation in the consumer market is less than 5%. This is a striking disparity, and one that we need to fix quickly. Catering to women who are doing most of the buying is just good business sense. Hopefully Lopez will be the first of many trailblazing women.