Stephanie Hallett
September 06, 2017 9:13 am

You know those women who can walk into a room and it’s instantly clear to everyone that they’ve arrived, because their perfume — subtle, yet commanding — follows behind them like a crowd of adoring fans? Yeah. I have never been one of those women.

I’ve always been more on the saltier, sweatier side of things, and every perfume I’ve ever tried seems to seep instantly into my pores, becoming neutralized by my pheromones and leaving me only with my ~natural~ eau de toilette.

Scent Trunk’s personalized fragrance concept is simple:

For the cost of shipping ($4.95) the company sends you a set of six “notes” to sniff — citrus, wood, aromatic, floral, amber, and chypre — and directs you to take its Scent Test.

HelloGiggles/Stephanie Hallett

On the test, you choose the main scent you love most, which will act as the base of your personalized fragrance, and then two additional complimentary notes that speak to you.

Once I’d made my selections — citrus was my favorite, along with amber and aromatic — I waited less than a week for my signature scent to arrive.

HelloGiggles/Stephanie Hallett

And you know what? I hated it!

I detest the smell of vanilla in perfumes (probably the result of growing up in the ’90s, when cheap vanilla body spray reigned supreme) and I just couldn’t get into this fragrance, no matter how many times I tried it.

There’s good news, though. As part of the $11.99 monthly subscription fee charged by Scent Trunk (which covers a tube per month of your signature scent, and can be cancelled at any time) the company offers a complimentary replacement if you don’t like your first fragrance.

So Scent Trunk tried again, and this time, the Kingston, Canada-based company nailed it. Maybe personalized fragrance WAS for me.

For round two, I received Chypre Amber, which “features a bright, tangy peach note right off the top. It mellows out to reveal deep spicy and creamy notes with amber and vanilla,” according to Scent Trunk’s scent specialist Jolisa Masucol. She added in an email to me, “It starts really fresh, and then is more cozy/warm. This one is a lot more sensual and deeper than Amber Aromatic.”

HelloGiggles/Stephanie Hallett

And she wasn’t wrong. The fragrance was spicy, earthy, warm, and juicy (like a peach!) all at once, and it sang to me from the moment I opened the box.

I asked Masucol why I might gravitate towards — and away from — certain fragrances, and she directed me to this passage on Scent Trunk’s website:

To really find something you love, though, it’s important to try many scents and sniff slowly.

“Take your time with each fragrance in the Scent Test,” Masucol said. “Really make an opinion slowly, and don’t let the top notes of a fragrance scare you away. Middle notes and base notes sometimes take several minutes (some people say hours!) to reveal themselves on their skin.”

At the moment, Scent Trunk isn’t formulating every single fragrance for every single customer, but it does draw each customer’s perfume from a large library of small-batch scents that have been created for the brand to suit a range of fragrance profiles.

For me, the whole experience of ordering from Scent Trunk and chatting with Masucol — who, by the way, loves to interact with customers and get information about what they’re really looking for in a perfume — was a delight. And when I finally got that scent that spoke to me, I felt, well, fabulous.

It’s strong enough to stick with me throughout the day (likely because of those heavy amber molecules) but it’s not overbearing. It also has a certain air of Old Hollywood glamour that I love and seek out in every fragrance I buy, so wearing this scent feels extra decadent.

“When you get that first compliment on your personalized fragrance, it’s the best feeling in the world,” Masucol said. “Being able to say it was customized and then telling them about a certain note is such an amazing feeling.”

I absolutely agree.