Briana Hansen
July 14, 2016 1:55 pm

Admit it: If you’re not already obsessed with Pokémon Go, you will be soon. Or at least, you’ll become obsessed with the people who are totally owning it because it’s seriously one of the most entertaining crazes we’ve ever gotten all swept up in.

And the craze is about to Evolve (no Stardust or Candy required).

People are now taking to Instagram to post pics comparing themselves to their favorite (or at least closest-resembling) Pokémon characters. And the results are nothing short of absolutely amazing.

Using the hashtag #compareyourselftoapokemon (and a few variations on it), you can show off how much you’re twinning with the cutest creatures in the gaming world.

While some people are opting for more natural looks…

Others are dressing up on-point to look like the characters…

While still others are doing both.

And some people are more inspired by the Poké Ball than anything else.

And if you have no desire to hop on board the Pokémon Go bandwagon for whatever reason, at least you can still enjoy people’s delightful enthusiasm for the Pokémon world through these amazing hashtag trends.