Arielle Tschinkel
Updated Aug 29, 2017 @ 1:10 pm

If you’ve been poring over photos of Sunday night’s VMAs like we have, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed Paris Jackson’s icey blue eyes (swoon). Seriously — they’re literal gems on her face.

And it turns out there’s actually a super-specific reason for the unique shade, and it has nothing to do with lighting, contacts, or makeup. In an interview with, Jackson’s makeup artist, Jo Baker, revealed that Paris has a rare genetic condition that gives her eyes that super particular hue.

Baker didn’t reveal the name of the condition, but we did some quick internet research and it looks like it could potentially be Waardenburg Syndrome, which — among other things — can cause unusually pale blue eyes (this is of course pure speculation on our part. We have no way of knowing for sure).

And regardless of the cause, Baker expressed that she LOVES experimenting with makeup on those baby blues.

Baker also noted that Paris enjoys playing up her lashes and brows. “They’re absolutely striking…Her eyes are always something I’m keen to draw attention to.”

OH, and Baker provided a pro-eye makeup tip (which we’re literally always here for): “I love using eyeshadows with a damp brush since it really brings out the pigment,” she said, noting it will make your shadow look super creamy. Um…brb…trying this now in the office bathroom.