Emma Lord
Updated Mar 30, 2015 @ 4:17 pm

Is there a look that Hayley Williams hasn’t rocked yet? She’s so fearless that I literally cannot think of one thing on this planet that she could wear without instantly oozing cool. She’s dyed her hair every color of the rainbow, styled herself to bizarre perfection, and glammed it up in the edgiest ways ever since she and Paramore hit the music scene. For years we have marveled wondering where it is she gets her crazy inspiration from, and it just so happens that soon we’ll all get the inside scoop — Hayley Williams is hosting a new web series on beauty that totally reclaims the concept and makes makeup and styling fun.

When you think of a beauty web series, you probably imagine the standard fare in the industry — how to shape your brows, how to contour, how to this and that and the other thing. But Hayley’s web series Kiss Off is challenging all those norms we’ve become familiar with in the beauty world.

“[The show] isn’t about what color looks good on your skin tone or how to make your lips look bigger or contour this or that. It’s about what do you like and how can you express that and find out what your look is by trying new things,” said Hayley in a statement to the WWD.

Instead of setting any kind of standard for beauty, Hayley is using the two to five minute long videos to encourage viewers to push beyond what they know and forage into what they’ve never dared to try before. The first episode will feature a tutorial on how to capture the look of the punk-rebel character Corrine Burns of Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains, a cult movie about a bold group of girls who form a rock band.

In later episodes Hayley plans to interview other musicians and ask them how they discovered their own unique styles, and explore beauty more as a form of self-expression than a societal standard. Look out for the upcoming series on Popular TV on Tuesdays, and make sure to have plenty of war paint at the ready. It’s high time for all of us to let loose and shake things up, and Hayley’s show is just the medicine we need.

(Images from here and here.)