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The beloved ’80s movie Dirty Dancingis hands-down one of the best love stories of all time. So many quotables, so many moments that are just relatable af. If for some reason you’ve never watched this iconic flick, here’s a quick recap. There’s Francis, everyone calls her Baby and treats her like one, too. She and her family spend the summer at a family friendly resort where Baby comes face-to-face with a subculture of waitstaff who spend their nights in hot, steamy, syncopated step. Baby has to stand in for Danny’s dance partner and some how, some way, they find love — and themselves — “on the one.”

Okay that was corny, but just watch the movie, guys.

Aside from championing summer trysts, Dirty Dancing has its fair share of beauty moments. Did I neglect to mention Francis’ sister Marjorie, who was a total glam girl, and Danny’s dance partner, Penny, who had that whole effortlessly sultry thing down to a science?

Sola Look, the beauty brand behind the Flashdance-inspired palette that came out in September, is finally giving the flick the honor it deserves, to be forever immortalized in its own eyeshadow palette.

So far these peeks are just “ideas” for the palette which is expected to come out in 2017. Though, the brand confirmed the name of one shade in the comments:

Sola Look, if you need a bit more inspo for names, I got you.

“Lookin’ Good in that Grey-ze” Grey

“Don’t Tee-ase Me” Teal

“Peasant No Longer” Pink (alternate name: I Wore My Mom’s Earrings for this Hook Up)

“It’s All in the Elbows” Blue

“Hope Neil Doesn’t Catch Us” Navy

and of course… the “So Happy I Didn’t Wear a Pencil Skirt the Night My Lover Changed My Life” Pink

via giphyPretty sure Sola Look doesn’t need my help though, after all, the Flashdance palette was pretty on point!