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There’s just something so pretty about that oil spill look. Obviously we’re not talking about the heinous environmental disasters, but rather the technique used in beauty trends. It’s when something looks black (or like some other dark base shade) at first glance, but once light is reflected off the surface, you get a totally different look. The base shade bounces off prisms of pink, green, and blue into the light for a totally mesmerizing finish.

Oil slick hair was huge last year and looks gorgeous, but let’s be honest — it’s a lot of maintenance and still doesn’t quite achieve that metallic aesthetic. So we’ve found a new way to indulge our love for the trend: nail art. However, this nail art only requires a little bit of effort, since the polish does all the work for you.

Some nail polishes achieve the effect on their own, but you can also recreate it by swirling around polish colors with a marbling technique. It’s definitely not about applying meticulous coats of color — the shades are supposed to bleed into each other for an imperfect finish. The look is best created with duochrome, multichrome, or holographic nail polish to give the finished nails even more of a traditional rainbow oil slick vibe.

The result is an effect that we could stare at for hours. Be warned though, it can be a little distracting while you’re typing and/or texting, your nails are going to look that awesome.

If you’re like, “OMG I love this but how do I do it?” Essie has a little tutorial for you. Check it out.

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