Gina vlogger
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Beauty vlogging and “Insta makeup” have — for better or worse — become part of our cultural lexicon. And while a part of us loves it (because how else would we have ever learned how to contour like a pro?), another part of us knows that it can lead to feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. Social media can create the illusion of perfection, which can make our regular, non-perfect lives seem somehow abnormal.

Which is why we’re loving beauty vlogger Gina Shkeda’s response to a commenter who said she wished she looked like her.

To which Shkeda replied,


We are in love with Shkeda’s response, because while she does of course look amazing, she has ZERO qualms revealing what truly goes into her look. This type of honesty helps remind others that the “perfection” (whatever that means) seen on so many blogs and Insta feeds is manufactured, and the rest of us should in no way feel inadequate if we don’t wake up looking like that every day — or any day.

Thanks for being so real, Gina. We hope this is just the beginning of lovely ladies (and men) getting honest about the “perfection” we see on social media.