Do ever look at nail art trends and feel like you have to apply for a Master’s in Fine Arts degree in order to even attempt to replicate the designs? Some, like watercolor nails, require AP Chemistry-level polish mixing, while many, like bubble nails, seem like they can only be pulled off by those trained in the art and science of acrylic application. Don’t even get me started on aquarium nails, whose creators must have that Master’s in Fine Arts degree plus a few years experience working as engineers at NASA.

For those of you who have been waiting impatiently for a super doable nail art trend, rejoice. Introducing, negative space nails. This new trend started gaining traction at London Fashion Week, where models walked the runway with only deep blue dots blotted on their otherwise naked nails. One dot on each nail? Hello, actual DIY.

Glamour UK perfectly described the effect of leaving some of the nail polish-free: It “gives off the illusion of lacquer floating against a naked nail bed.” Instagram beauty gurus have interpreted the negative space nail trend in so many cool, unique ways. The only characteristic that connects all of the looks is the bit of bare nail not covered by color. Here are some of our favorite examples.

Three black dots and some glittery clear topcoat … Eye love it.

Here’s a more complicated version of the negative space nail. Notice how leaving some of the nail color-free creates an almost 3-D effect. Gorgeous.

The negative space on this mani is like a cute little surprise. To try this at home, try sticking a small piece of tape at the bottom of a few of your nails while you do an otherwise normal paint job. Take off the tape once it’s dry and, boom, you’re fancy.

Negative space, positive vibes.

(Image via here.)